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The Country Club

The Country Club Golf Course at Sandy Lane

With lush greens, five lakes and immaculately cut fairways, the Country Club course is a golfer's paradise. Also designed by Tom Fazio, this challenging 72 par, 7,060-yard course affords breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. The 2006 World Golf Championships Barbados World Cup unfolded here.

The Country Club ~ Rules of Play
The USGA, R&A and the following local rules govern all play       

Ability 395
Hope 368
Humility 337
Respect 322
Reality 287

Hole 1, The Country Club Course

The right hand side fairway bunker indicates the ideal line to avoid the mounds that hide the green on the left and leave the best line to this long sloping green.

Ability 373
Hope 340
Humility 298
Respect 284
Reality 256

Hole 2, The Country Club Course

Give it all you've got off the tee and favor the left side of the fairway, which provides a better approach view of the green. The lengthy second shot will play slightly uphill to a relatively small sloping away green. Approach this green from the right centre.

Ability 353
Hope 333
Humility 316
Respect 293
Reality 257

Hole 3, The Country Club Course

The downward slopes and favourable tail wind provides the opportunity for the longer hitter to drive the green. Avoid being right side of the fairway as much as possible.

Ability 153
Hope 126
Humility 108
Respect 91
Reality 80

Hole 4, The Country Club Course

The shortest par three of the five. The ideal shot may start to the right of the green allowing the trade winds to bring the ball back on line. Club selection is paramount, as out of bounds areas are close behind.

Ability 378
Hope 360
Humility 340
Respect 321
Reality 224

Hole 5, The Country Club Course

A deceptively long uphill par four that plays directly into the wind. A premium drive off the tee favouring the left side fairway is required to have a chance to reach the green in two. The green is open to the front to accept mid to long irons, avoid being left on your approach.

Ability 521
Hope 511
Humility 498
Respect 425
Reality 395

Hole 6, The Country Club Course

This scenic par five on the course again plays deceptively long and straight into the face of the wind. Distance and positioning is premium off the tee and with the second shot in order to set up a comfortable short iron approach to a small slightly elevated green.

Ability 500
Hope 479
Humility 459
Respect 423
Reality 378

Hole 7, The Country Club Course

The trade winds and contours of this inviting par four provide an opportunity for you to give it all you got off the tee. This will leave you with a precise short iron to a green protected by steep slopes falling into a lake at the back of the green. Despite the distance to the green, your approach shot will play at least two clubs shorter.

Ability 202
Hope 162
Humility 144
Respect 130
Reality 121

Hole 8, The Country Club Course

A well-struck tee shot is required to hit this green. The sensible player will aim to the right of the green allowing the wind to bring the ball back in line. Any shot missed to the right of the green is certain to find the Half Moon Lake.

Ability 578
Hope 555
Humility 530
Respect 515
Reality 488

Hole 9, The Country Club Course

The generous fairway may be more difficult to find than it appears thanks to the left to right trade winds and slopes. Be sure to stay clear of the fairway bunkers on the left as the fairway opens to any type of second shot you wish to play. The closer you are to the well-bunkered green for the thirdshot, the better off you will be.

  • Hole
  • Out
Ability 395 373 353 153 378 521 500 202 578 3453
Hope 368 340 333 126 360 511 479 162 555 3234
Humility 337 298 316 108 340 498 459 144 530 3030
Respect 322 284 257 91 321 425 423 130 515 2804
Reality 287 256 257 80 224 395 378 121 488 2486
Par 4 4 4 3 4 5 4 3 5 36
Time :15 :15 :14 :11 :15 :17 :17 :13 :19 2:16
Index 14 4 16 18 6 2 12 10 8
Ability 472
Hope 444
Humility 436
Respect 408
Reality 369

Hole 10, The Country Club Course

An elevated tee presents the temptation to open your shoulders for a long drive. Left of the right side fairway bunker is the ideal line leaving you with a short iron to a large open green.

Ability 239
Hope 183
Humility 152
Respect 122
Reality 95

Hole 11, The Country Club Course

The longest par 3 on the course at 239 yards. The tee shot must be aimed right of the target allowing the trade wind to bring the ball back on line. Any missed hit shot left or short of the green is certain to find the Molyneux gully.

Ability 481
Hope 429
Humility 414
Respect 382
Reality 348

Hole 12, The Country Club Course

One of the longest par 4s on the course, where even the best drive aimed down the right hand side of the fairway will leave an intimidating and deceptive long approach to the green. Beware of the fault front on the green as balls that land here will likely return to the fairway.

Ability 453
Hope 411
Humility 396
Respect 336
Reality 326

Hole 13, The Country Club Course

The ideal drive will leave the ball right center of the fairway giving you an open approach shot to the green. The approach shot plays slightly uphill to a two tiered green and will require a solid mid-long iron. Wayward shot to the right of this green will leave you in trouble. Avoid being long on your approach.

Ability 584
Hope 543
Humility 493
Respect 468
Reality 435

Hole 14, The Country Club Course

A classic three shot par 5. A strategically placed drive just right center of the fairway is required to avoid the hidden slopes on the left side. The second shot leaves a choice of attaching the green from the right hand side of the fairway or playing short of lake, resulting in a straightforward approach to a narrow sloping green. A watery grave awaits any miss-guided or poorly struck shot.

Ability 529
Hope 509
Humility 476
Respect 461
Reality 436

Hole 15, The Country Club Course

A gently undulating par 5 that may be in range of the longer hitters. The ideal tee shot should finish on the left side of the fairway, providing the ideal approach to a well-protected sloping green with a mound fill with green side bunkers.

Ability 174
Hope 169
Humility 135
Respect 126
Reality 97

Hole 16, The Country Club Course

This scenic par three with elevated tees and tail wind make the hole play shorter that the yardage indicates. Don’t forget to take in the view of the beautiful Caribbean Sea in the background.

Ability 480
Hope 450
Humility 425
Respect 413
Reality 392

Hole 17, The Country Club Course

A tee shot to the right side of the fairway on this dogleg left par 5 affords the best view of the green, be careful of the ravine that awaits the wayward drive all along the left to the green. The longer hitters may be tested to reach the green with the second shot. Keep your approach to the right center of this narrow sloping green.

Ability 195
Hope 170
Humility 150
Respect 141
Reality 105

Hole 18, The Country Club Course

This upwind par 3 provides a good test for players of any caliber. A solid mid to long iron is required. Attack the green from the left.

  • Hole
  • Out
Ability 472 239 481 453 584 529 174 480 195 3607
Hope 444 183 429 411 543 509 169 450 170 3308
Humility 436 152 414 396 493 476 135 425 150 3077
Respect 408 122 382 336 468 461 126 413 141 2857
Reality 369 95 348 326 435 436 97 392 105 2603
Par 4 3 4 4 5 5 3 5 3 36
Time :15 :14 :17 :15 :19 :17 :11 :15 :11 2:13
Index 15 11 3 5 1 13 17 7 9
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