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The Green Monkey

Experience The Exclusive Green Monkey Golf Course

The Green Monkey, designed by Tom Fazio, is an ultra-exclusive 72 par, 7,343-yard golf course in Barbados. Carved from an old limestone quarry, the exposed rock faces form dramatic contrasts to the lush, rolling greens of the fairways and offer tremendous elevation change - a once in a lifetime experience that is simply not to be missed.

The Green Monkey ~ Rules of Play
The USGA, R&A and the following local rules govern all play

Masters 378
Open 350
Challenge 318
Seniors 298
Ladies 278

Hole 1, Green Monkey Course

The first hole is straightaway par 4 playing 378 yards from the back tee. A good tee shot will place you short of the fairway bunkers on the left and the right leaving a short iron into the green. A fairway approach runs up the center of the green complex that is bunkered short right and short left. Behind the green you will find a turf collection area that hangs on the edge of the quarry wall towering above the spectacular quarry holes.

Masters 370
Open 357
Challenge 340
Seniors 306
Ladies 285

Hole 2, Green Monkey Course

Hole #2 is one of the shortest par 4's on the golf course at 370 yards, playing into the prevailing breeze. Depending on the wind, a long iron or a fairway metal can be played from the tee to the fairway bunkered short left and long right. The right to left green is protected short left by a strong fold off and a turf slope and a back right by a bunker.

Masters 423
Open 386
Challenge 355
Seniors 327
Ladies 313

Hole 3, Green Monkey Course

This 423 yards par 4 demands a strong tee shot played down the right side of the fairway guarded on the left and the right by two intricate bunker complexes. The approach to this sideways green is one of the most heroic on the golf course. The green is fronted by a native grass rocky gorge that must be carried if a birdie is to be made. A thin approach wraps around the right side of the gorge if the green cannot be reached in two.

Masters 167
Open 144
Challenge 122
Seniors 119
Ladies 100

Hole 4, Green Monkey Course

The first par 3 on the golf course is the shortest, but depending on the wind this slightly uphill shot can play anywhere from a mid iron to a long iron. The right to left green favors a draw, but if a fade must be played it will flirt with a large deep bunker on the short left side of the green.

Masters 435
Open 431
Challenge 422
Seniors 398
Ladies 349

Hole 5, Green Monkey Course

The fifth is the longest par 4 on the front side playing 435 yards from the back tee, usually playing downwind. This straightaway hole should be played down the heavily bunkered right side of the fairway. A fairway strike down this side will position you to approach this green down its right side. The left side of this green is well protected by a bunker and a small pond.

Masters 514
Open 512
Challenge 460
Seniors 460
Ladies 446

Hole 6, Green Monkey Course

The first par 5 on the golf course is the shortest, playing 514 yards. If the wind is not too strong, this green can be reached in two. A good tee shot across a waste bunker short right of the fairway will put you in position to approach this sideways green with a fairway metal or long iron. A large deep bunker short of the green must be carried before eagle will come in to the picture. The green is now deep, and only a high soft shot will remain on this surface. Many players will choose to lay up here, to go at this green with a lofted shot or a rolling pitch and run.

Masters 355
Open 339
Challenge 308
Seniors 296
Ladies 256

Hole 7, Green Monkey Course

This drivable par 4 plays 355 yards from the back tees, and is one of the most beautiful on the golf course. This left to right green is silhouetted by the ocean and the quarry holes and can be reached from the tee if played just right. But if this is too testing a shot, an iron can be played to the fairway surrounded by numerous bunkers. The wind, which usually blows with the players from right to left, will be a factor on this great short par 4.

Masters 198
Open 173
Challenge 161
Seniors 130
Ladies 114

Hole 8, Green Monkey Course

The power of the ocean and the quarry can be overwhelming on the tee of the eighth hole, so we suggest that before you become entranced by the vista, you swing away to this 196 yards par 3 that plays along the rim of the rock quarry. The green is bunkered short on both sides of the fairway approach and long right. The right side of the green should be favored with a mid to long iron. Be sure to catch a glimpse of the green monkey bunker on the sixteenth hole in the bottom of the quarry.

Masters 635
Open 609
Challenge 577
Seniors 560
Ladies 540

Hole 9, Green Monkey Course

The ninth hole is the longest par 5 on the golf course playing 635 yards from atop the rim of the quarry. This spectacular driving hold down into the upper tier of the quarry will take two accurate shots played to a fairway winding through the many large bunkers on the right and left sides. The ninth green is a double green shared with the seventeenth green and is the only double green on any Fazio golf course in the world. The sideways green is protected in the center by a bunker that will come into play on both golf holes.

  • Hole
  • Out
Masters 378 370 423 167 435 514 355 198 635 3475
Open 350 357 386 144 431 512 339 173 609 3301
Challenge 318 340 355 122 422 460 308 161 577 3063
Seniors 298 306 327 119 398 460 296 130 560 2894
Ladies 278 285 313 100 349 446 256 114 540 2681
Par 4 4 4 3 4 5 4 3 5 36
Index 14 8 6 16 4 10 18 12 2
Masters 478
Open 450
Challenge 420
Seniors 400
Ladies 380

Hole 10, Green Monkey Course

The long par 4 tenth plays 478 yards from the back tee. A drive played down the right side of this well bunkered fairway will give you a good angle with a long iron to an undulating green. The strategy of the golf hole is enforced by short left and right side bunkers at the green making this hole one of the strongest tests of golf on the course. Par is always a great score here.

Masters 270
Open 230
Challenge 217
Seniors 150
Ladies 115

Hole 11, Green Monkey Course

This 270 yard downhill par 3 proves to be one of the most interesting looks on the golf course. The elevated tees peer through a shoot of vertical rock and mature Mahogany trees. The right to left green is bunkered short left and long right catering to a draw played up the line of the fairway approach. The eleventh is the longest of the five par 3's on the golf course, but the prevailing wind is at your back, making this hole play much more shorter at times.

Masters 594
Open 578
Challenge 560
Seniors 517
Ladies 430

Hole 12, Green Monkey Course

The twelfth is a long par 5 dogleg right that winds through vertical rock wall and grand bunkers. The downhill tee shot should favor the left side of the fairway. A ball played down the vertical rock wall on the left side of the golf hole will offer a look to the elevated green as well as the best angle to the second landing area that is bunkered left and right. The left to the right green is contoured with a soft ridge through the center of the putting surface and is bunkered short right and all along the left edge.

Masters 250
Open 220
Challenge 180
Seniors 150
Ladies 115

Hole 13, Green Monkey Course

The 250-yard par 3 thirteenth hole is a heroic downhill shot that must carry a lush thirty foot deep gorge. There are no bunkers across the front of this green, but the left to right angel of the putting surface with its left side fairway approach will favor a fade here. A ball hit through the green will find a long linear bunker at the base of the vertical rock wall that silhouettes the green.

Masters 568
Open 525
Challenge 485
Seniors 460
Ladies 425

Hole 14, Green Monkey Course

The fourteenth is a strong dogleg right par 5 that is demanding from tee to green. This cape hole tee shot over and along a natural ravine will force you to choose your line of play wisely. The second and third shots will be played up the slow climbing fairway that hugs the ravine all the way to the green complex. The left to right green should be approached to the left side to avoid the deep bunker nestled into a beautiful rock outcropping fronting the putting surface.

Masters 533
Open 498
Challenge 465
Seniors 416
Ladies 415

Hole 15, Green Monkey Course

The par 5 fifteenth will begin the remarkable stretch of quarry holes on the back nine. Dead aim should be taken from the tee on the rock and bunker complex jutting out of the middle of the fairway that is placed between the first and second shots on this golf hole. A long serpentine bunker along the left side of the hole accents the breathtaking rim of the quarry. The back of this three lobed green hangs on the edge of the quarry and is bunkered strongly on the left and right sides.

Masters 226
Open 205
Challenge 205
Seniors 187
Ladies 145

Hole 16, Green Monkey Course

The green monkey bunker on the par 3 sixteenth is one of the many unique and beautiful features of this 226 yards downhill par 3. The golf course's namesake works in concert with the long right to left green nestled into the expansive quarry lake at the foot of the towering quarry walls. This unique hole in one of the grandest holes in all of golf.

Masters 523
Open 388
Challenge 372
Seniors 345
Ladies 264

Hole 17, Green Monkey Course

The short uphill par four seventeenth hole rises out of the depths of the quarry to the double green shared with the par 5 ninth hole. The tee shot plays along the left side of the quarry lake to a fairway bunkered on the right and left sides. The uphill approach shot can be flown to the putting surface or run up the approach to the left of the shared greenside bunker.

Masters 472
Open 460
Challenge 432
Seniors 409
Ladies 380

Hole 18, Green Monkey Course

The finish on the Green Monkey is a long 472-yard par 4 playing back to the clubhouse, into the prevailing breeze. From the back tee a driver should be taken over the rock-faced bunker sitting on the edge of the first of two lakes on this hole. The right side of the hole adjacent to the large fairway bunkers will offer the best angle of attack to the back left pins of this right to left green hanging on the edge of the second lake. The green is guarded by three bunkers, but the right side fairway approach will safely guide you to the home green that looks out to the ocean on the horizon.

  • Hole
  • Out
Masters 478 270 594 250 568 533 226 523 472 3914
Open 450 230 578 220 525 498 205 388 460 3554
Challenge 420 217 560 180 485 465 205 372 432 3336
Seniors 400 195 517 150 460 416 187 345 409 3079
Ladies 380 175 430 115 425 415 145 264 380 2729
Par 4 3 5 3 5 5 3 4 4 36
Index 5 13 7 15 1 9 11 17 3
Green Monkey Tee Off Barbados
The Green Monkey Golf Course Sandy Lane
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