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Fitness Center

Embrace Wellness at Our Barbados Fitness Center

In addition to our world-class golf, tennis and water sports facilities, we have a 2,500 square foot gym and training area supervised by qualified personal trainers. This Caribbean fitness resort features a full range of LifeFitness aerobic equipment, Concept II rowers, a range of free weights, a Vibrogym and an exercise studio. We offer complimentary classes daily, including Pilates, spinning, circuits and yoga.

Fitness Assessments & Personal Training

Fitness assessments are an excellent way to approach a new exercise regime or maximize the results of your current workout plan. This test will allow you to determine your overall level of physical fitness and will include tests to measure resting heart rate, lung function, aerobic capacity, flexibility, muscle strength, muscle endurance and body composition.

Our qualified instructors will motivate you and create a customized plan that addresses your personal goals. These programmes can be tailored to improve flexibility, overall body tone and strength. A consultation will identify your individual needs before you start training.


The Pilates method is a series of precise movements designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles without adding bulk, with the focus being on core muscle groups. Pilates is performed on specifically designed exercise apparatus under the supervision of our instructor.


Our instructors are experts in one-to-one tuition and will inspire you to improve your personal fitness. The focus is on the body through asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing flow of energy) practices, all of which are excellent for developing flexibility and muscular strength, while aiding in detoxification.
Personal Training at Sandy Lane
Yoga at Sandy Lane Resort Barbados
Spin Class at Sandy Lane Resort
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