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Summer Camp

Summer Camp at Sandy Lane

When school's out, the fun begins!

Keep the kids fully occupied during our Summer Sports weeks! This year we will be offering Summer Sports weeks on four occasions. Always a family favorite, the Sandy Lane Sports Camps provides the perfect opportunity for kids to learn and improve on new skills and make new friends.
In addition to daily swimming lessons, children can participate in lessons from golf and water skiing in the mornings to soccer and tennis in the afternoon. We also feature social activities like a teen movie night, a mocktail party and casual volleyball games.
While children’s activities are always available through our Treehouse Club, these camps offer complimentary lessons, and a more structured schedule for you to plan around and for kids and teens to better make new friends. Our Summer Sports Camps are designed for boys and girls aged seven to sixteen.

Book our Family Package and enjoy these complimentary features. More information available online.

Posted: 04/13/2016
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