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Sandy Lane Barbados

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For some, holidays are best spent seeking total relaxation. Others prefer a more adventurous form of leisure, for which Sandy Lane’s world-class golf, tennis and watersports facilities are the perfect match. With a wide range of activities for every guest, your stay is your own at Sandy Lane.


Offering some of the best golf in the world, three celebrated courses feature incredible terrain and sweeping views of the Platinum Coastline.


With nine courts and our highly experienced resident Tennis Pros available for one-on-one or group tuition, it’s game, set, match at Sandy Lane.

Catamaran Cruises

Set sail across clear Caribbean waters on a catamaran cruise. Swim, survey the coastline, and even enjoy a picnic basket filled with delights from the chef.

For Families

From days spent at the Treehouse Club to the magic of festive season, Sandy Lane is the perfect setting for lifelong family memories.

For Couples

Discover a secluded and romantic paradise where the only limit is your imagination. Let us help create unforgettable moments during your holiday for two.