Sustainable Initiatives
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Sandy Lane Barbados

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…And for the love of Barbados. Sandy Lane’s commitment to sustainability extends far beyond implementation of the island’s 2021 single-use plastics ban. Our efforts are borne of a stewardship for our home on the Platinum Coast, and are embedded within all elements of the resort.

Coral Reef Replantation

Sandy Lane participates in Barbados’ coral reef replantation program in order to enhance marine life and preserve biodiversity.

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Water Conservation

Stormwater lift stations and a dedicated waste-water treatment plant allow Sandy Lane to collect, filter and reuse water for irrigation across the property, while the desalination plant provides water to the irrigation lakes on the golf courses by utilising extracted underground sea water through a purification process known as 'reverse osmosis'.

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Environmental Conservation

Sandy Lane’s plant nursery aids in the conservation and forestry of the island, while our beekeeping and fruit tree planting efforts result in long-term sustainable biodiversity - with more than 100 trees planted since 2011. In total, the resort cares for almost 6,000 varieties, from mahoganies and flamboyant, to orchids and pride of India trees.

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Animal Habitat

Sandy Lane is a natural habitat for many different types of animals, and provides an idyllic ecosystem for those lucky enough to share our resort as their home. Known for their shy but cheeky personalities, Green Monkeys live all around our three golf courses - and 'The Green Monkey' course is aptly named after them!

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Sustainable Dining

Every menu across Sandy Lane’s restaurants and bars offers sustainable, local and responsibly sourced ingredients.

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Beach Restoration

Sandy Lane successfully embarked on a multi-million dollar project in 2019 to renourish the bay's beach and increase its width, by replenishing sand previously lost to natural erosion over the years.

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Eco-Friendly Uniforms

We work closely with a sustainable uniform supplier called OceanR. They create our Watersports team’s uniforms by using eco-friendly fabrics, made from recycled plastic bottles that have been salvaged from the ocean. By using recycled polyester, we are reducing our water consumption by approximately 20%, energy consumption by 50%, and CO2 emissions by 60%. Since 2016, OceanR have removed over 1.5 million plastic bottles from the world's oceans!

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The Spa

The Spa at Sandy Lane offers wild-crafted, plant-based products that are ethically sourced and responsibly packaged. Our experiences incorporate indigenous plants found on the island to renew, detoxify and soothe the skin. All products are coral reef safe.

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Organic Compost

Coffee grounds, fruit peels and other organic food waste are collected for our compost to aid in the reduction of food waste. This compost material is then incorporated to create composts for soil mixes to amend garden beds around the hotel and golf courses.

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Solar Energy

Various solar panels are discreetly located out of sight, on the roofs of our buildings at Sandy Lane. These generate natural clean energy from our Caribbean sunshine for the purpose of heating water in our guest rooms, the spa, kitchen and other areas across the resort.

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