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The Spa at Sandy Lane - Features & Treatments

The Spa at Sandy Lane has a stunning range of features designed for your relaxation and rejuvenation. Enhance your experience at our spa resort in Barbados with our special Rhassoul, one of the only ones in the Caribbean; unwind in the Relaxation Room or invigorate your body with the experience showers.

Warm Showers

Different water temperatures and invigorating scents make these showers a truly sensory experience. Start with a cold mist that gives a feeling of early morning dew, followed by a tropical rain shower mimicking summer rain and finish with a vigorous and stimulating side jet blast.


The beautifully appointed sauna with panoramic views of the hydrotherapy pool and waterfall provide a perfect setting for total relaxation. A unique system of dry heating ovens dispersing scented steam will invigorate, relax or refresh you.

Cold Showers

To regulate body temperature following your visit to the sauna or steam room, experience one of our three magnificent cold showers: the kneipp hand-held shower, the gush shower with soft water jet effect and the stimulating waterfall bucket shower.

Crystal Cold Room

Yet another perfect cooling down experience after enjoying our heat facilities. Relax on the exquisite mosaic bench while shimmering star lights reflect off the sparkling crystal stone, reminiscent of a star-filled sky. The cold air stimulates a pleasant and tingly feeling, leaving you feeling refreshed.


When it's not being used as a steam room, the Rhassoul, cocooned in its own separate area open to the sky, is an oriental steam bath. The Rhassoul features two beautiful mosaic chairs with showers located above. With the application of Pink Kaolin clay from the neck down, the treatment begins with dry heat to extract impurities, followed by herbal steam to soften the clay and moisturise the skin. To finish, warm cascading water removes the clay leaving the skin hydrated and refreshed.

Hydrotherapy Pool

Continue your relaxing journey at our spa in Barbados in the hydrotherapy pool. Therapeutic bubbles soothe the body and stimulate the skin. A soak in this pool, on one of our airbeds or in the Jacuzzi where water jets work to stimulate the body, is an idyllic experience.

Fitness Assessments & Personal Training

Fitness assessments are an excellent way to approach a new exercise regime or maximize the results of your current workout plan. This test will allow you to determine your overall level of physical fitness and will include tests to measure resting heart rate, lung function, aerobic capacity, flexibility, muscle strength, muscle endurance and body composition.

Our qualified instructors will motivate you and create a customized plan that addresses your personal goals. These programmes can be tailored to improve flexibility, overall body tone and strength. A consultation will identify your individual needs before you start training.
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